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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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Another Day, Another Game of Aion

Jun 24, 2010
Another Day, Another Game of Aion

I can’t say I’ll be very entertaining in this blog, merely because I’m writing this quickly before bed so I can ensure that I have made my daily blog. I’m actually pretty proud of myself for being able to blog each day this month without missing a day, even though there have been nights when I’ve crawled into bed and had to crawl back out, after remembering I had not blogged. It was irritating but I pushed myself nonetheless.

I have been playing lots of Aion lately and I feel bad because I feel as if I am neglecting Jenn which isn’t my intent AT all. I think in large part she believes that if we’re video chatting while I’m playing she’s distracting me which isn’t true AT all and to be honest that’s one of the features I love about my new desktop. Having the capability to play a pretty graphics intensive game and still video chat at the same time. :)

Tomorrow I am going to look at power supplies with Robby to try and find one that is suitable for her to utilize the graphics card I intend on giving her. Once she gets her brother to install both the video card and power supply, we’ll be good to go and she can join us in the fun. It’s going to be soooo epic and I cannot wait! Speaking of which, I rolled another toon today, lol. I grouped with a Chanter today and saw all the fun spells he had so I decided I wanted one of my own. Least to say I think I have a problem because in one day I hit level 13. :P

Tomorrow, I am going to work on my Cleric some and then probably switch to my Chanter at night. This weekend I will probably work on leveling my Gladiator. Geeze, I don’t know how I manage to keep up! Haha. Okay, I think that’s enough game talk for tonight. Time to get some sleep so I can be up and alert tomorrow to walk the pups. G’nite!

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Jun 25, 2010


I wanna play Aion :(

Jun 25, 2010


I have friends that have played Aion… it looks so pretty! Right now I can’t play anything other than Warcraft because my computer is in dire need of an update. ;)

Jun 25, 2010


@Keeshia: You should play with us! :heart:

Jun 26, 2010


I don’t have money to buy more video game nor subscribe to shite.


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