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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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Who’d Have Thunk?!

Mar 10, 2012
Who'd Have Thunk?!

When it comes to medical ailments, I know that I am more familiar with some versus others which obviously means I have a severely limited scope which honestly, is a good and bad thing! One of the good things is that I can give advice when I have particular knowledge about an ailment I’m familiar with. A downside though is looking stupid when someone tells me something that I never knew even existed.

For instance– apparently there is such ailment of producing too little testosterone. Now I know all about producing too much but I never realized it was possible to produce to little– thought if I’m honest I probably did but didn’t actually put two and two together until later. Apparently not producing enough testosterone can result in the following symptoms:

-Decreased sex drive
-Erectile dysfunction
-Lowered sperm count
-Increase breast size

Thankfully, there are ways to counteract this problem. You can see your doctor and have he/she recommend treatment or you can do your own research by going to http://www.testosteroneboosters.org/arginmax-review/ and checking out reviews on testosterone supplements that you can try. Now, I, in no way shape or form condone doing this WITHOUT the approval of your doctor but you can always check out some reviews! Can’t hurt right?!

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