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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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20 Things You Did Not Know About Angel

Mar 25, 2010
20 Things You Did Not Know About Angel

I was actually inspired to do something like this by Cole‘s post and wanted to do something similar. So the following list is twenty things you don’t know about me. Enjoy.

  1. I do not like brownies, chocolate cake, or chocolate ice cream.
  2. I would never bungee jump, but I would skydive.
  3. I have been in love a total of 3 times.
  4. Prior to meeting Robby, I only had one serious relationship.
  5. While I appreciate and enjoy romantic gestures (flowers, etc), I don’t expect them or find them necessary.
  6. In the midst of planning my wedding, I decided the stress wasn’t worth it and spontaneously decided on a courthouse ceremony.
  7. I typically go through the day eating only one solid meal, because I snack the rest of the time.
  8. I have very sensitive taste buds; I can taste what most cannot.
  9. I was nearly raped as a child; the girl next door saved me by looking for her playmate.
  10. I have a half brother whom I’ve never met.
  11. I didn’t start using tampons until after I lost my virginity.
  12. I wasn’t aware of how large my chest was for my body type until my senior year of high school; though others had pointed it out before.
  13. I attempted suicide when I was 18 years old. My little sister saved me.
  14. Growing up, I used to be terrified of going to hell; now I don’t believe in it.
  15. I was self conscious about my height until I was a junior in high school.
  16. One of my greatest fears is losing a sister.
  17. I often put my well being behind those that I love.
  18. I want to adopt a pre-teen child because everyone should have a place to belong.
  19. I believe in full disclosure and intend on raising my kids under that belief. Robby feels the same.
  20. I didn’t start drinking until I was nineteen years of age.

What are twenty things about you that your readers don’t know?

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Be naughty, save Santa a trip!

Dec 8, 2009

I know I’ve been MIA since the 30th, but Robby came home on the 1st and we were busy ravishing… er reveling in each other’s presence. ;) But seriously, it is great to have him home. I missed him terribly and I’m still sort of in a, well if I pinch myself, I’ll wake up and he’ll still be in France daze. Yes, it really was that bad being that far away from him. Never again. I made him promise! :giggle: So the other day we finally put up our Christmas tree, which by the way is gorgeous. I’m not just saying this, it’s truth. Look!

Now, it really is starting to look a lot like Christmas!

Told you didn’t I? ;) Anyway, the cats are driving me nuts with the damn thing, as they seem to think it’s a new toy that they can climb, eat, or swipe at. The dogs, however, are actually acting strangely behaved which worries me. They haven’t tried to attack any of the presents which is so unlike them. =/ Perhaps, they know they will incur the wrath of mommy if they mess with it? But then again, that’s never actually stopped them before. :lol: Oh well for now I will not complain. :shrugs:

It’s 7:37am and I’m awake. Why? Because my body decided that after going to sleep at 10:00pm, 3:30am was the perfect time to start a new day. Yeah, don’t ask. I don’t get it either. So I will be hating myself later in the day, but at least I have Rockstar Fruit Punch to hold me over, and hopefully I can reset my sleep cycle so I’m on the same cycle as Robby. I get lonely in the evenings when he’s sleeping. :lol:

So I am on a mission to make Gingerbread Cookies. I have never done it before, but I’m going to attempt it and see how it turns out. I will probably work on them this weekend since they need a full day to chill in the fridge before I can actually make them. I’m pretty excited and will definitely take pictures once I’m done. Wish me luck! Alright, I’m done for now, more later– hopefully with pictures of the gingerbread men that turned out correctly. :lol:

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