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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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I Hope That The Days Come Easy & The Moments Pass Slow

Sep 4, 2009
I Hope That The Days Come Easy & The Moments Pass Slow

I hope you never look back, but ya never forget all the ones who love you, in the place you left. I hope you always forgive, and you never regret and you help somebody every chance you get. Oh, you find God’s grace, in every mistake and you always give more than you take.

“My Wish” – Rascal Flatts

I feel as if I’ve been very productive today. I finished the stamp packs that I needed to do for Pops, redid the staff responsibilities on Ecstasy, finished my PayU2Blog assignments, took my 365 Days Project picture, and now I am sitting down to do my blog of the day. I have feel quite accomplished internet wise. Tomorrow I plan on doing some things around the house and hopefully I’ll get stuff taken care of as well. Let’s see though– I say that now, but I get really lazy after work and don’t want to move an inch. Lol. I know I’m bad. :(

In other news, I finally successfully downloaded Aion and I am so excited for the open beta week their are having. All I have to say is I was sold when I saw the wings. LMAO. I can fly and fight? Oh yes, it’s over. I think I might lose my life to it, especially since I can customize every little detail, which is just so fucking awesome. :rofl: What’s worse is now I have gotten Robby interested in it, so we’ll probably be our geekish selves and play hardcore from the 6th to the 13th until they launch it on the 22nd. I’m so excited it’s not even funny. :lmao:

I still have quite a few things left to complete on Ecstasy but my list is getting shorter which makes me happy! For awhile there it seemed never ending! I do have some amazing staff members helping out and for that I’m grateful. Tomorrow I play on completing my homework that’s due on Sunday and try and finish what’s due the following week as well so I don’t have to worry about it which means more time for gaming! Words can not express how much excitement I hold for this new game. It’s going to be fucking awesome. :nods:

Well, I’m off to read a bit before bed since I have to work tomorrow (oh joy) but tomorrow is yet another day! :)

04/365:  My wish for you is that your life becomes all that you want it to

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Even Though My Feet Are Trembling & Every Word I Say Comes Stumbling, I Will Bare It All

Sep 2, 2009
Even Though My Feet Are Trembling & Every Word I Say Comes Stumbling, I Will Bare It All

I don’t want to go on living being so afraid of showing someone else my imperfection. Even though my feet are trembling and every word I say comes stumbling, I will bare it all. Watch me unfold.

“Unfold” – Marie Digby

Today has been very, very productive day. Finally after months, Ecstasy has released the long awaited stamp collection! I spent the majority of the day finishing up the sets that were left and then finished up by getting the information/rules threads up. It was very tiring but I’m really excited about it! It think it’s going to be awesome and really encourage our members to be active! It’s going to be very time consuming and a lot of work, but I’m glad that I have some great staff members to help out with it.

Due to the excessive work that’s been going on with the forums, my carpal tunnel has flared up after nearly 2 years of being just fine and has resulted in my needing to take Ibuprofen to assist with the swelling as well as wearing my wrist brace which itself is a pain in the ass because I can’t really do much with it on. It’s frustrating, but sadly necessary. I know this is a fairly short entry, however my brain is pretty much fried due to today’s productivity so I leave you with my 365 Days Project picture. Enjoy!

02/365: When the daybreaks it might all be over

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& She’ll Pretend To Be Busy When Inside She Just Wants To Cry

Sep 1, 2009
& She'll Pretend To Be Busy When Inside She Just Wants To Cry

The beginning, in the first weeks of class she did everything to try and fit in but the others they couldn’t seem to get past all the things that mismatched on the surface and she would close her eyes when they left and she fell down the stairs; and the more that they joked; and the more that they screamed, she retreated to where she is now.

“Miss Invisible” – Marie Digby

It seems to day is a first for everything or perhaps just the start of something that will encompass the reawakening of a creative soul that’s been dead for too long. I suppose as the month progresses we shall see. Today marks the first day of Ecstasy MB’s blog-a-thon in which I will attempt and hopefully succeed in blogging for 30 consecutive days. Along with that I have restarted my 365 Days Project, which I had wanted to but couldn’t bring myself to restart. I suppose it’s time to stick to my guns and follow this through– at least now I have the support system to back me.

When I last left you I had mentioned several goals that I wanted to accomplish when I returned. While admittedly some of them I did not complete, I am proud to say that I was able to complete three of the five items– which isn’t stellar but it’s still something. I’m proud of myself to say the least and I hope that my renewed vigor and determination will lend me the strength I need to successfully complete one 365 Days Project and Project: Blog. I suspect that I will have moments in which I don’t want to attempt anything, but this time around I am going to push myself, regardless of how lazy or distracted I may be.

School has recommenced once more and I hope that my 2 week hiatus will grant me the motivation I had lacked in my previous class. I’m determined to complete each assignment on time and attempt to actually read the material instead of skimming or seeking out the information I needed which is what I have been doing. I have a lot of people behind me to keep me motivated so I hope with their help I’ll be capability of accomplishing what I could not before.

In addition I have decided to branch out from World of Warcraft, though I suspect I will recommence playing, given then new expansion pack due out, and have decided to try Aion. I wasn’t able to try the beta as they did not have the option to play this weekend, but it will be open this weekend and I have pre-ordered the game so I’ll have a month and a week of play time to decide if I want to continue. Thus far every person I have spoken to who has tried it and plays WoW says I will love it, but I’m a bit skeptical. I guess I shall have to see. I do know that it will be nice to have some games to switch between instead of being completely burnt out by WoW. When I’ve tried the game I will make a point to give some insight into it and also assess if it’s a game that a WoW player would be interested in trying.

I leave you all again with not only the start of my 365 Days Project image, but also the goals I have set for myself. Perhaps this will keep me motivated to continue with the projects and assignments I have ahead.


  • Think ahead for each 365 Days Project so I’m not stumped as to what my next picture will be
  • Create a list of things you need to finish, prioritizing what should be completed first
  • Read the materials required of you for school and complete all assignments due in the beginning of the week
  • Comment on at least 3 blogs each day

01/365: A light shines off in the distance.  A pale flickering glow.

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A midnight bottle gonna ease my pain

Apr 9, 2009
A midnight bottle gonna ease my pain

My first blog in our new home. It’s a bit weird to think of it in that manner and yet it is absolutely true. All of this seems to be absolutely surreal and I am still not sure what to make of it. We still have a bit of unpacking to do but we did manage to get the absolutely essentials unpacked, like the kitchen and our computer desk and computers up and running. For the most part a lot of the stuff we have left are the smaller items that tend to be the hardest to find places for. I do have to say that I think in terms of unpacking we are doing a lot better this time around then we did in our previous place and I think in large part it has to do with the fact that we won’t be going anywhere for awhile (thank goodness!).

It is refreshing to know that a year from now I won’t have to worry about apartment hunting and moving yet again. I still can’t comprehend it, but I am sure as time goes on and we start to really make the place more homey, it will all sink in. I am still trying to figure out the exact color schemes I want for the several rooms here and while this LJ community is helping with ideas– I still have no idea what I want to do. I wish Robby cared more about the color schemes I have suggested, but he’s not very vocal unless it is something he absolutely does not like. So basically I am at an absolute lost.

Susie and Maren are supposed to come out the second weekend in June so I am hoping they’ll be a little more helpful, but even still I have four rooms that I essentially have to decide on on my own because they will only help paint the larger rooms. It is beyond frustrating and I am hoping my lack of inspiration will suddenly reignite and I will have some idea as to what direction I want to go in concerning the rooms that are my responsibility. I bought a color scheme book that I hope may help, but we’ll see what happens.

Amongst all the chaos of moving Hillary came out to visit and I felt absolutely horrible for the timing. We really didn’t get to do a whole lot because we were in the midst of moving and while we did manage to go to the Fall Out Boy concert (which sucked) and Sedona, I still felt pretty horrendous that we weren’t able to do much else. Not to mention her mom and boyfriend both thought that the reason we asked her to come out was so she could help clean which wasn’t the case at all. Things happened a lot faster than anticipated and the next thing we knew we were buying a house. Regardless I feel terrible and definitely have to make it up to her. I do hope that even with the crap ass moving, she still enjoyed the time we did spend away from the house.

Speaking of Sedona, I had forgotten just how beautiful it was. It had been a year exactly since Robby and I last visited so it was nice to see it again. I took a few pictures, some of which I posted on my Flickr and others that I still have to process. It sucked that we didn’t get to spend as much time as I wanted to out there, but it turns out it was a good thing given that both Hillary and I had MAJOR assignments due for class and things were pretty craptuclar on Hillary‘s end. My intuition sometimes astounds me and it really came through this time. Hopefully the next time she comes to visit we can do a bit more– like actually see the Grand Canyon. ;)

In spite of all the craziness of the move, Hillary‘s visit, and unpacking– I still managed to pull an “A” in both of my classes and now currently have a GPA of 4.0. I’m enormously proud of myself given the anxiousness I had experienced upon the start of my program and my absolute certainty that I would fail miserably. All in all it’s a great feeling and I am pretty confident that I will do fine as my program continues– though I don’t want to get too overconfident and then end up failing miserably, so we will see how things go.

Tomorrow I have a half day from work because it is Good Friday, but we still won’t have much of a weekend. Why you ask? Well, Robby and I have to drive out to San Diego, Friday night so we can pick up our washer/dryer. Unfortunately we will not be spending any time whatsoever out there as we have to return Saturday night in time to drop of the Uhaul trailer we will be renting on Sunday. It will be a pretty crappy weekend and if I trusted Robby to only bring back those specific items I would let him go by himself– but he is a major pack rat and will bring items that he has no use for but has somehow convinced himself otherwise. I am not particularly thrilled about the trip, but sadly it has to be done. :cries:

In regards to my previous post, I have decided that the best course of action at this point is just to take it slowly and see were things go. It is a hard concept for me because I tend to be the type that I need to come to a decision and stick with it, but I realize that perhaps in a case like this things aren’t ever that simple. It’s nice to have someone other than Robby who understands my quirks, jabs, and sarcasm and I suppose time will tell how things will progress in our friendship. Regardless it’s not something I am going to spend too much time worrying about.

Well I am off to eat dinner and then get some sleep. It is going to be a long ass weekend and I have to prepare myself for it. I leave you with some pictures of my computer desk and the newest addition to our family, Benji! :D

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You fought, you loved, you lost; walk tall.

Jan 19, 2009
You fought, you loved, you lost; walk tall.

So I know I had originally said that I would be using this domain for vlogging, but I’ve changed my mind thanks to my lovely friend Amy who made me realize how much I miss setting up websites and creating layouts for them. So I suppose I may do a mixture of both vlogging and blogging, it’s really dependent on how I feel and how scrubby I happen to look. ;)

For now I leave you with the resolutions I posted on my Livejournal. In terms of actually keeping them I think I’m doing quite well. Let’s just hope I can continue to follow through.

Focus on the things that matter. For far too long I have been letting the little things get to me. The things that don’t matter. This year I want to focus on the things that do matter. Like the love I have for my husband. Our marriage. Us. I want to let the little things go because at the end of the day, at the end of my life, they won’t matter.

Make friends. I’ve been here for a little over a year and I don’t really have any friends. I had made some, but that didn’t work out, so this coming year I want to put myself out there. I want to stop being so guarded and actually make some friends out here. The road to happiness is having people who make you laugh and smile in your life. I have my husband and I’m not saying he isn’t enough, but I think friends make life a little less mudane. So I will make some friends!

Dance. I’ve always loved to dance. I’ve always loved going to the club, but all that stopped when Robby and I got together, so this year I want to make a point to go dancing. For right now I will say once a month is an appropriate goal.

Start school. I’ve been putting it off. I admit that I’m afraid. It’s been 4 years since I was last in school so I’m afraid I’m going to fail miserably. However, this year no excuses. It’s free and I want to go back. I just have to believe that I’ll succeed.

Focus on photography. I’ve let it escape me. I won’t lie. Life got so complicated that I’ve fallen away from it, but I want to get back into it. I intend on taking classes this summer so I can finally put my $700 camera to use.

Get my license. Again, one of the many things I’ve been putting off because of fear. I failed the test 3 times so that kind of pushed me away from it, but I have to stop letting my fears get the best of me. I need to face them and finally get my license. I’ve put it off for far too long.

Get back into graphic design. I’ve been on a slump for the longest time and too afraid to get back into it for fear that I’ll still have a block, but I need to. I want to. So I am going to try and make something at least once a week… or maybe focus on some big projects like photo manipulations.

PHP. I’ve had a book on PHP for more then a year and have probably picked it up all of 5 times. I really want to sit down, read the book, and actually learn from it. I need to stop putting it off and this year I think I will.

Music. Get back to my roots. I’ve been neglecting it for awhile and have just started to realize how much I miss it. Thus, I will be getting back into finding new artists I like and trying to expand my music library.

Experiences. I want to try something different at least once a month. Whether it’s rock climbing or skydiving, I want to say I’ve experienced things I have talked about, but have never taken the initiative to actually go out and do.

Openness. Stop protecting Robby and let him see me. Really see me. I want to stop worrying about hurting his feelings and just tell him how I feel when he’s done something to piss me off, upset me, or hurt me. He needs to know that it’s not okay to do some of the things he does.

Be happy. I know it’s a difficult concept for me, but I want to try. I have the tendency to not know what to do with myself when things aren’t dramatic, so I want to learn that it’s okay when there is no drama in my life.

Past. Stop looking back. It serves no purpose and it’s time to look at the door that’s opened in front of me, rather than the one that’s closed.

Old friends. I suck at keeping touch with most of my friends so I want to really focus on that. Make the effort to contact them and see how they are doing.

Family. Another thing I suck at, lol. Again, I want to make more of an effort in calling my family, especially my eldest sister and dad just to talk and see how they are. I know they get frustrated when they don’t hear from me, so this is the year that will change.

Cooking. I really want to get into cooking.. particularly with Robby, so I will be looking up recipes for us to try out and make together. I think it will be a fun experience for the both of us.

Exercise. I want to start getting up early, probably about 4, jogging in the morning, making breakfast and then going into work. I also want to start going to the gym after work so I can get back into shape. Plus, I think if I take initiative and start working on myself, Robby will follow suit.

Home. I’ll admit my home isn’t very homey and I think that’s partly one of the reasons I’ve been so miserable. Home doesn’t feel like home. Thus, once I start working and we have two incomes coming in, I want to focus on decorating the house and make it a home and not just a residence.

World of Warcraft. Yes, I have a resolution for WoW because I am that sad, lol. Anyway, I want to level my 3 toons (DK, Hunter, Druid) to 80 and then join a raiding guild with at least one of them and get raiding experience so I can eventually start my own raid guild. Additionally, I’d like to level my mage who’s been sitting at 25 for over a year to 80 and start a warlock and lvl her to 80 as well.

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